$38.5 million to Compensate Boy Born Stricken by Cerebral Palsy

Posted on Feb 11, 2008

A Superior Court jury in Stamford has ordered a city obstetrician to pay $38.5 million to the family of a boy born with cerebral palsy in 2003.

The verdict is believed to be among the largest medical malpractice awards in the state, surpassing a $36.5 million award in 2005 against Hartford Hospital and an obstetrician.

The Stamford jury ruled Friday that Dr. Corinne De Cholnoky should have performed a Caesarean section more quickly during the 2003 delivery of Spencer Oram, whose umbilical cord was impeding blood flow to his brain.

The boy now has cerebral palsy, although his twin sister was born 27 minutes earlier is healthy, said Richard Silver, an attorney for the Oram family. The case was filed almost three years ago.

The family is "incredibly emotionally drained," Silver said.