Some of the most common things pedestrians do to cause accidents include:

  • Texting while walking
  • Talking on the phone
  • Walking while intoxicated
  • Not paying attention to or outright disobeying road signs and crosswalk signals
  • Crossing the street outside of an intersection
  • Running into the road

Which party’s insurance company pays for pedestrian accident damages?

Georgia is a tort or “fault” state when it comes to auto accident claims. This means that at-fault parties are financially responsible for the harms they cause. So, the insurance company you turn to for recovery hinges on fault or negligence. Here is how it works:

Pedestrian At-Fault

When the pedestrian is 100 percent at fault, the pedestrian will need to turn to his own insurance company for recovery. If the pedestrian carries auto insurance, he can use his personal injury protection (PIP) to pay for his medical bills. PIP is an optional coverage though, and he may not carry it.

In fact, many pedestrians who do not own a car do not carry auto insurance at all. If this is the case, the pedestrian will need to use his own health insurance and disability insurance to offset his expenses.

By the same token, if the driver or other road users involved in the pedestrian accident sustained harm or personal property damage, they have the right to pursue compensation from an at-fault pedestrian, as well. They can either file an insurance claim or sue the pedestrian to recover their losses.

This could leave an at-fault pedestrian paying thousands out-of-pocket.

Shared Fault

Georgia adheres to a modified comparative negligence rule, which states that injured parties can recover compensation if they were at-fault — as long as they were less than 50 percent at fault.

If the insurer or courts deem the pedestrian, say 40 percent at fault for the accident, s/he can still file a claim against the driver and recoup his/her losses. The caveat is that his/her degree of fault will reduce the potential settlement value. In this example, the injured pedestrian will only be able to recover 60 percent of his/her damages, e.g., $6,000 out of $10,000.

How can I limit my liability in a pedestrian accident case?

Because your eligibility to collect damages relies on who was at fault for the accident, it is important for the insurers or courts to carefully and fairly assign liability after a pedestrian accident. This is often easier said than done. In every case, insurers will do what they can to limit the liability of their policyholder. This means claimants will need to fight to prove the other party’s liability and minimize their own. Having a qualified pedestrian accident lawyer represent you is the best way to accomplish this.

When you work with the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, P.C., we will gather evidence surrounding your case to reduce your liability and try to uncover any ways in which the driver or other parties were negligent.

Perhaps the driver was texting or talking on the phone when the accident occurred. We can subpoena his/her phone records. Maybe s/he did not come to a stop at a stop sign. We can see if there is any traffic camera footage of the accident or witnesses that can testify. Or maybe the city or township is at fault for defective or poorly designed roadways that were a hazard for the pedestrian.

We can also review the police report, speak to witnesses, and even hire an accident reconstructionist to determine exactly how the accident occurred and who was at fault. And if the other party tries to pin a disproportionate amount of blame on you, we will reject it with evidence. Our goal will be to obtain the fullest recovery possible for you. And we will do all this with no up-front costs from you.

Call attorney Jason R. Schultz to explore all your compensation options.

Pedestrian accidents are one of the most complicated types of traffic accident cases. Liability and recovery are challenging issues, but given Jason’s 25+ years’ experience helping pedestrian accident victims, there are no injury cases that he cannot handle.

Contact the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, P.C. to discuss your case and determine how best to proceed. We will review the specifics of the accident as well as the insurance policies involved, and counsel you on your rights and responsibilities. We will explore all available avenues of recovery and help you maximize your compensation.

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