How Comparative Negligence Factors In

However, if your conduct added to the cause of the crash, such as if you lost your balance due to intoxication and fell into the road in front of a car, you may be held liable for your own injuries. If there is evidence that you were intoxicated and the driver can prove that your conduct caused the accident, you may not be able to file a liability claim against the driver because he or she was following the laws and would not have hit you if you were sober and in control of your faculties.

A case of a drunk pedestrian being hit by a car can also have shared liability where the person walking while drunk may be partially at fault for stumbling into the road, but the driver may also be partially at fault for driving too fast to be able to slow down for an obstacle in the road. Georgia's comparative negligence 50 percent rule allows for you to be up to 49 percent at fault for the accident before you are unable to collect damages.

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