Tie One on for Safety this Holiday Season

To tie one on for safety and commit to safe driving or only getting in a car that is operated by a sober designated driver, purchase a MADD red ribbon (you can also purchase MADD magnets and window decals). Then, tie the red ribbon in a visible location to make your commitment to safe driving known to others in your community.

Other Ways to Participate in the Tie One on Campaign

In addition to tying a red ribbon in a visible location, you can participate in the tie one on for safety campaign by doing the following things:

  • Always choosing a designated driver before a party or drinking begins
  • Offering non-alcoholic beverages to guests when hosting
  • Never getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking, even if you have had only one drink

When Drunk Driving Causes a Car Accident

Do not let yourself be the cause of a drunk driving accident this holiday season; commit today to joining the tie one on for safety campaign.

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