Important Tips When Reporting a Drunk Driver

Regardless of whether you call 911 or *477 to report a suspected drunk driver in the state of Georgia, there are some important facts you need to know.

  • Do not place the call to report the suspected drunk driver while you are driving. When it is safe to do so, pull off the road to a safe location, park your vehicle, then place the call.
  • Try to get the license plate number of the suspected drunk driver’s vehicle. This can be particularly useful to law enforcement if the driver leaves the immediate area.
  • Make a mental note of the color, make, and model of vehicle, and whether it is a newer or older vehicle. Tell the 911 operator or *477 dispatcher this information early in the conversation, while it is fresh in your memory.
  • Location of the vehicle. Although the vehicle will not likely remain in the exact same location, law enforcement officers need to know the general area to look for the suspected drunk driver. Let the 911 operator or *477 dispatcher know the direction in which the vehicle was traveling.
  • Do not engage or interact with the suspected drunk driver. Remain at a safe distance from the driver. It is not your job to stop the vehicle. You could be seriously injured if you try to interact with a suspected drunk driver.
  • Stay out of the drunk driver’s way. Drunk drivers tend to drive erratically, so keep a safe distance from the vehicle.
  • If possible, from a safe distance, try to get as much descriptive information as possible about the driver and any passengers. Is the driver male or female? Are there any passengers? Do any of the passengers appear to be children? Does the driver have any distinctive identifying features? What color and kind of clothing is the driver wearing?

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