Each year, the number of fatal dog bites fluctuates. But there are some trends common, such as the type of dog. Consider some of the most recent fatal dog bite statistics.

Current Fatal Dog Bite Statistics

According to the National Canine Research Council's preliminary report, there were 31 dog bite-related fatalities in 2013. Most involved young children or older adults, with the youngest just two months old and the oldest victim 91 years old.

Note the following factors present in fatal dog bite-related fatalities over a 10-year period:

  • no one around to intervene - 87.1 percent;
  • victim had no familiar relationship with dog(s) - 85.2 percent;
  • victim's ability to manage interaction with dog compromised because of age or physical condition - 77.4 percent;
  • dog kept as a resident rather than a family pet (dog lives outside home and kept for reasons like protection or breeding) - 76.2 percent;
  • previous mismanagement of dog by owner - 37.5 percent; and
  • owner's abuse or neglect of dog - 21.1 percent.

Also, in 80.50 percent of the cases, four or more of those situations listed were a factor, according to the National Canine Research Council.

A report by the editor of Animal People, which scoured media reports, found a total of 29 fatalities from pit bull and pit bull mix breeds in 2013. However, many argue that many dogs involved in attacks are incorrectly identified as pit bulls, and that media reports are not entirely reliable.

Two of fatalities from 2013 occurred in the state of Georgia. In one case, a 21-month-old died after a pack of family pit bulls attacked her, according to media reports. The other incident involved a two-year-old boy attacked by the family pit bull, according to media reports.

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