Try to avoid rolling around or screaming. And don't pull away while the dog is biting, as that can tear the flesh and worsen the injury. 

What to Do When a Dog Is Attacking Someone 

In 2006, Good Morning America had dog trainer Bob Conklin and his assistant Harry Lazorda on the show to provide tips on not only what to do and not to do if you’re attacked, but how to rescue a child who is being attacked.

They recommend to redirect the dog's attention by striking it with an object if you see it attacking a child. If possible, grab the sides of its neck. This will help control its head so it can't turn around and bite you. Another option is to grab it's Adam's apple and choke the dog.

Just as you shouldn't pull away from a dog biting, they recommend that you don't attempt to pull the dog off the victim. It can result in tears to the skin.

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