Impact of Georgia's Dangerous Dog Law in a Fatal Dog Attack Case

There are different ways to prove a dog is dangerous. For instance, the dog had inflicted severe injury on someone without provocation, whether on public or private property. Even if it doesn't cause serious harm, a dog may receive the designation of potentially dangerous when it bites without provocation.

Another way to prove a dog was dangerous – and that the owner knew of it – is if the dog has received a classification of dangerous and the owner receives notification.

Important Factors to Know When Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

Finding an owner liable for a fatal dog bite based on dog bite laws is just one factor. It's also important to understand wrongful death laws and how they may apply to a fatal dog bite claim.

An example is the time limitations for filing. Georgia gives two years from the date of death to pursue a wrongful death case. If the personal representative or eligible party waits too long, they cannot recover compensation.

Parties entitled to recover compensation from the claim include:

  • a spouse;
  • children; or
  • parents.

Another important aspect of a wrongful death claim is the types of damages available. A wrongful death claim seeks compensation for loss of the decedent’s wages and benefits, as well as loss of care and other noneconomic damages. A spouse could seek damages for loss of companionship or affection, and a child may seek damages for loss of guidance and care. The claim for these damages is brought on behalf of the family.

A wrongful death case may also seek damages related to financial losses – for instance, the medical treatment for the injuries until the time of death – on behalf of the estate. It may even include reasonable funeral costs. This claim might also seek damages for the victim’s pain and suffering from the accident until the time of death.

Importance of Securing Legal Representation after a Fatal Dog Attack

Every case is different, with unique circumstances that may apply. It's important to talk with an attorney who handles fatal dog attack cases. Legal counsel can first determine the validity of filing a claim and can help establish liability and gather supporting evidence.

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