How We Determine Pain and Suffering for Dog Bite

When working with an attorney, he or she will take into consideration several factors such as the following.

  • Are you no longer able to perform certain normal activities because of the injury?
  • Did you suffer mental trauma such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from the attack?
  • Are there any long-lasting or permanent repercussions from the attack (disfigurement, impairment, etc.)?
  • Has your family had to change their lifestyle around to accommodate your recovery?
  • Did the attack prevent you from returning to work because you worked with or near dogs on a regular basis?

All of these factors add up to determine how much a fair amount of compensation would be for your pain and suffering. Your attorney may also look at similar cases that have already been resolved to determine an average or baseline for pain and suffering damages.

Remember that not all dog bite cases will warrant pain and suffering damages, and they are not necessarily included in a first offer settlement. To ensure you are getting the due amount of compensation, you will need to work with an Atlanta dog bite attorney.

Jason R. Schultz
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