Types of Hazardous Cargo That May Cause Injuries

Trucks can carry materials that are highly flammable, corrosive, reactive, and/or toxic. Types of HAZMAT materials include the following.

  • explosives.
  • compressed gases.
  • flammable liquids and solids.
  • oxidizers and organic peroxides.
  • toxic materials.
  • radioactive materials.
  • and, corrosive materials.

The types of hazardous cargo injuries that might result can be dependent on the type of material released. If explosive or flammable materials are involved, it can lead to burn injuries, for example.

Parties Responsible for Hazardous Truck Cargo Safety

The federal government provides specific HAZMAT regulations and protocols that trucking companies must follow. A company or truck driver’s failure to abide by the rules could result in fines and other penalties. Plus, if the negligence causes hazardous cargo injuries, the company can be liable for the damages.

There are numerous parties that may be responsible for damages on a truck accident claim. For instance, the shipping company may be liable if it didn’t load the cargo properly. The truck accident company can be liable if it didn’t properly maintain the vehicle or ensure drivers were adequately qualified.

Plus, the company can be liable for the truck driver’s mistakes. It’s the truck driver’s responsibility to ensure that the cargo is secure before hitting the road, as well as periodically while on the trip. A parts manufacturer may be responsible if the part or piece of equipment’s defect caused the accident.

Rules By Which Truck Drivers Must Abide

Truck drivers must abide by rules enforced by the federal government. When a commercial truck is involved in a crash, there will usually be an investigation to determine fault and whether or not the driver was in violation of any protocols.

A few pertinent regulations that might come into play in a HAZMAT truck accident investigation are below.

  • § 397.69 – HAZMAT trucks are prohibited from driving on certain roads, as designed by the states, because of a public safety threat.
  • § 397.3(a)(1) – truck drivers cannot park a HAZMAT truck within five feet of a public roadway.
  • and, § 397.5(a) – trucks carrying certain classes of hazardous materials must be monitored at all times. That is, the driver must be alert so he or she can monitor the materials.

This is just sampling of HAZMAT truck regulations. When a victim files a claim against a truck company after an accident, the victim’s lawyer will conduct an investigation, collect evidence, and comb through federal laws to determine whether fault or negligence exists.

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