HAZMAT Accident Reports in the U.S. and Georgia in 2013

The PHMSA HAZMAT Intelligence Portal provides detailed information about incidents in their yearly summary reports. 

The following data refers to highway HAZMAT accidents that occurred during the in-transit phase in 2013.

  • there were 2,921 incidents in the United States.
  • five of the incidents resulted in an injury that required hospitalization.
  • there were a total of 28 injuries that did not require hospitalization.
  • ten people died in seven accidents.
  • and, in-transit HAZMAT accidents caused over $41 million in damages, greatly exceeding the $4 million in damages from accidents during the unloading phase, $2.5 million during the loading phase, and $565,000 during the in-transit storage phase.

The PHMSA also includes HAZMAT accident reports by state. In Georgia, there were 553 HAZMAT incidents involving highway transportation. These accidents caused one injury requiring hospitalization, five injuries not requiring hospitalization.

Georgia also had four fatalities (including three fatalities in one accident) from hazardous material accidents, according to HAZMAT reports, accounting for about 36 percent of all HAZMAT incident fatalities in 2013 including the following venues.

  • air.
  • highway.
  • rail.
  • and, water accidents.

Damages from all HAZMAT incidents exceeded $900,000 in Georgia.

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