Nerve Damage as the Result of a Serious Accident (Part B)

Types of Nerve Damage

The main types of nerve damage include:

  • cutting;
  • stretching; and
  • pressure.  

Cutting is the most severe type of nerve damage to sustain. This type of nerve damage will require surgery and will generally lead to permanent damage. In some circumstances, the nerves may repair themselves but that is not typical.

The least severe types of nerve damage occur with stretching and pressure. Depending on the level of damage, it is more likely that an individual will be able to recover.

If the stretching or pressure is caused by something else, such as a slipped disc, then that medical need will need to be addressed, as well.

Signs of Nerve Damage

Some of the signs of nerve damage can include:

  • numbness;
  • tingling;
  • clumsiness;
  • paralysis; and
  • decrease in sensitivity to pressure.  

Since nerve damage can also affect other areas of the body, there may be additional signs that are not as obvious. Seeking immediate medical attention for injuries after a Georgia accident is important, as early diagnosis and treatment is imperative both for your own wellbeing and to help provide evidence for your Georgia personal injury claim. 

How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fayetteville Can Help You

Severe injuries from a Georgia accident that are the result of someone else's carelessness or recklessness may lead to a Georgia personal injury claim.

A personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville can advise you of all the legal options that are available and can recommend the best way to proceed with your Georgia personal injury claim. Additionally, an attorney can take care of all the paperwork and discussions with insurance companies.

While you focus on recovery, your personal injury lawyer in Fayetteville can assist you with the entire process of filing your claim and can collect the necessary evidence to prove the other individual's negligence.

Contacting a Personal Injury Lawyer in Fayetteville

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