If you or your child is attacked and bitten by a dog, after you’ve tended to your immediate medical needs, it’s crucial to contact your local animal control authorities to report the attack as soon as possible. By doing so, the authorities can locate and quarantine the dog, determine if there is a risk of rabies, and possibly prevent another person from being attacked.

How to Report a Dog Attack

You can search your local phone directory or do an online search for animal control in your county. If you reside in Peachtree City or the surrounding areas, you can report the dog bite attack to Fayette County Animal Control (FCAC) by calling (770) 631-7210.

If the attack occurred during non-business hours, do not wait to report the attack. Instead, you’ll need to contact the local law enforcement agency. To report the attack to the Peachtree City Police Department, you can call the Non-Emergency Dispatch line at 770-461-HELP.

When you call to make the report, be prepared to provide this list of information.

  • Your name and contact info
  • A description of the dog
  • Details about the attack
  • Where the attack occurred
  • Any information about the dog owner
  • Which direction the dog headed after the attack

What happens after you report the attack?

The animal control authorities will come out and attempt to locate the dog. They will ask you for more information for their report, and they’ll also try to speak with the dog owner to inform them about the incident their rights and responsibilities.

“Any animal which has bitten a human must be quarantined for ten days rabies observation whether the animal has been vaccinated against rabies or not. This is a state law. The animal must be confined either at the animal shelter or at a veterinarian,” explains the FCAC.

Speaking to a Lawyer about the Dog Bite Attack

Victims of dog bite attacks may have a legal avenue available in which they can pursue restitution for their damages. Under GA ST § 51-2-6 you can take legal action against the owner if the following three things are true.

Note, when you file a dog bite injury claim, the owner usually doesn’t pay for your damages him- or herself; rather, his or her homeowner’s insurance will cover it.

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