When proving liability in a dog bite claim, the evidence of the dog attack is a critical part of reaching a fair settlement. Photographs, medical records, and police reports are all good types of evidence, but perhaps one of the best assets to your dog bite claim is witness testimony.

Obtaining Witness Testimony for a Dog Bite Claim

If any other person witnessed the dog attack, he or she may be able to provide valuable testimony in regards to the liability in your dog bite claim. After contacting the authorities for medical care, obtain the contact information for anyone who witnessed the attack, if possible.

Later on while filing your dog bite claim, your dog bite attorney may contact those witnesses to obtain testimony regarding the incident. Because homeowner's insurance policies may cover liability for these types of injuries, representatives from the insurance company may also contact the witnesses to obtain a recorded statement regarding their view of the attack.

It is best to try and obtain this information as soon as possible due to the nature of human memory. The longer you wait to question witnesses, the weaker their recollection of the dog bite attack may become. Therefore, it is best to try and get this information within the first few days after the attack, rather than waiting until weeks later.

How Witness Testimony May Help Establish Liability for a Dog Attack

One of the requirements of a successful dog bite claim is proving that the dog attacked without provocation while the victim had a right to be in the area where the incident occurred. A witness may also testify that the dog was running loose and was not properly restrained by a leash or other device.

These are facts that may be proven through witness testimony, which is why it is important to contact these valuable sources of evidence when filing your dog bite claim. The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, P.C., can help pursue and settle your dog bite claim. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a FREE consultation.

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