Keep a Safe Distance Between Yourself and Other Drivers

One of the best ways to avoid road rage is to try to avoid situations that may make your blood boil. If you can change your commuting time to avoid traffic jams, do so. Otherwise, while driving, keep a moderate amount of distance between you and other drivers, even while in bumper-to-bumper traffic. This will allow you to change lanes easily if another driver behind you is provoking you.

Do Not Provoke Other Drivers

Sometimes, you may not even know that what you are doing—such as making eye contact with another driver—is a provoking behavior. As such, it is important to familiar yourself will those behaviors which may be aggravating, threatening, or provoking to another driver, and which could in turn be dangerous.

Possible behaviors that can trigger another person’s road rage include these.

  • Making eye contact with another driver
  • Tailgating
  • Tapping your brakes
  • Cutting another driver off
  • Making hand gestures
  • Yelling at another driver

Your best bet is to always stay focused on the task at hand—driving—and to keep your eyes on the road. Drive as you would want others to drive, and keep your safety in mind.

Jason R. Schultz
Helping Georgia area residents with car accident, medical malpractice, and personal injury claims since 1991.