A catastrophic injury usually changes your life. In addition to the physical impact it has on victims, its impact could also be financial because of the substantial medical costs needed to treat and recover from the injury.

Catastrophic injuries may also have an emotional impact. Severe burn injuries and permanent, visible scars could have such an impact. Some cause chronic pain. No matter the type of injury and category of resultant damage, if another person’s negligence is to blame, compensation may be available.

Types of Recoverable Compensation after a Catastrophic Injury

Most injury claims deal with actual losses; for instance, the medical costs for care and treatment.

But when an injury is catastrophic, there is likely to be additional expenses in the future, for example:

  • rehabilitation;
  • assistive devices;
  • therapy; and
  • prescription medications.

In addition to seeking recovery of current and future medical bills, it’s also important to include missed income. This could be for the period of time in which the person is unable to work while recovering. Or it could be anticipated earnings when the injuries prevent the individual from ever returning to work.

If there was property damage in an accident, such as to a motorcycle or passenger car, victims should also seek compensation for repairs or replacement in a claim. Victims of a catastrophic injury oftentimes suffer physically and emotionally, for which they should also seek compensation. It’s a little more challenging to establish emotional hurt which is why we recommend you keep a pain journal

While the aforementioned damages can be proven through:

  • medical records;
  • pay stubs;
  • receipts; and
  • other documentation.

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