Can third-party negligence contribute to parking lot collisions?

Although the determination of fault typically involves only the parties directly involved in the accident, other parties may sometimes contribute to the damage. For example, the owner of the property on which a collision took place may have some fault for the accident. If the property owner is aware of hazardous conditions that are present, or if a reasonable person would have been aware, that party may be liable. Some examples include the failure to properly maintain the premises and failure to post appropriate signage or parking lot markings.

How do I prove negligence in a parking lot accident?

Proving negligence in a parking lot collision may be more difficult than proving negligence for an accident on the roadways. Although the same Georgia negligence statutes govern both scenarios, the absence of a police-issued citation creates a more pressing challenge for determining fault.

It is important to file a report with law enforcement, and to get a copy. You must also exchange information with the other party and report the incident to your insurance carrier. Further, take photographs of the scene and ask for eyewitnesses’ contact details so they can provide a statement later.

The insurance companies may attempt to negotiate fault directly with the claimant. However, accident victims should seek the representation of a personal injury attorney to help them obtain compensation for their injuries, or limit their liability.

Can I seek compensation for accident injury or damages?

Under Georgia law, the individual determined to be at fault must provide compensation to the other party for damages incurred in an accident. The liable party usually pays for damages via his/her liability insurance policy. If you can prove negligence and establish fault, you may be entitled to compensation. However, if you are determined to be at fault, you will be responsible for compensation to the injured party.

Should I contact an attorney after a parking lot collision?

If you were the victim of a parking lot accident, it is important to discuss the case with a Georgia car accident attorney as quickly as possible. An attorney can help you protect your rights under the law so you receive the compensation you deserve. In Peachtree City, the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz P.C. provides compassionate representation for our clients.

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