Given the high amount of traffic, large number of pedestrians, and the commonplace practice of cutting lanes and travelling in the wrong direction, parking lots are an extremely risky place for pedestrian accident injuries. Learn some common parking lot dangers and legal options that might be available if hurt by a negligent driver in a Peachtree City parking lot.

Biggest Parking Lot Danger Zones for Pedestrians

GNR Technologies explains that there are five areas in parking lots in which pedestrians are most at risk.

  • Store entrances – entrances for stores are higher risk because they are high traffic areas, pedestrians are usually carrying merchandise, and drivers may be inattentive.
  • Entry/exit points – the entryways of parking lots can be close to the main road, have high traffic, and pedestrian walkways often cut directly in front of the entryway.
  • Long roadways – if there is a long roadway in the parking lot, drivers are more apt to speed because there is no traffic control. Plus, pedestrians usually have no designated crossway.
  • Intersections – intersections are congested areas with many distractions.
  • Crosswalks – while some parking lots do have crosswalks, they are not always visible to drivers.

Legal Options after a Parking Lot Accident in Peachtree City

When a pedestrian is injured in a parking lot accident, a negligence claim for injuries might be applicable. Depending upon the circumstances, possible parties that might be legally liable include the driver, the property owner, or others depending on the circumstances.

If you or someone you love were involved in an accident because of a parking lot danger, consult an attorney to determine your legal options. If you reside in Peachtree City, contact our team at the Law Office of Jason Schultz. Contact us today for a FREE consultation today: 404-474-0804.

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