If you assert that a driver was in violation of Georgia’s U-turn laws and, as a result caused a car accident, the defendant may offer a counter story. Dealing with this situation may be more difficult if the driver was not issued a citation for the violation, but victims or their families can work with their attorney to address any challenges to prove liability.

Challenges to Claims of Fault for U-turn Accidents

There are stringent road safety laws in Georgia regarding U-turns. However, it is not always possible to invoke the negligence per se legal principle that holds the driver liable for a violation of law. The following are the challenges of proving car accident liability in U-turn accidents:

  • Proving that the driver of the turning vehicle did not signal properly. This can be difficult, especially if there is light traffic on the road behind the turning vehicle or there is no surveillance footage available.
  • Proving that the traffic situation was not conducive to making a U-turn. While Georgia law prohibits making a U-turn when it interferes with other traffic, proving violation of this law is difficult, especially if there are no witnesses or video footage.
  • Proving that the plaintiff did not attempt to overtake another vehicle making a turn. Sometimes, large vehicles like trucks and buses swing to the right before slowing down to make a turn. Trying to pass a vehicle in such a situation can be dangerous and may cause rear-end collisions. In such cases, the plaintiff may be blamed for the accident.

Constructing a Strong Accident Liability Case

The challenges of proving liability in Georgia U-turn accidents compel most plaintiffs to seek advice from an attorney who can track down witnesses, question them, gather relevant pieces of evidence and string these together to build a case establishing the other party’s negligence.

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