Proving Accident Liability in a U-Turn Accident

Liability in a U-turn accident is mostly determined by invoking a legal principle known as negligence per se. According to this legal principle, certain actions of a motorist are readily regarded as negligent behavior simply because they violate a state law, such as that prohibiting U-turns in certain circumstances.

For instance, in the state of Georgia, making a U-turn is prohibited at all intersections where it is evident that the action cannot be completed safely. So if a driver has caused an accident while making a U-turn at such a place, he or she may hold accident liability under negligence per se because the driver was in violation of the law.

But providing supporting evidence to establish a motorist’s negligence – even if in violation of U-turn laws – could help if pursuing a personal injury claim. For instance, witness testimony or surveillance evidence of the accident could help victims and their attorneys establish fault.

Legal Help for U-Turn Accident Victims in Peachtree City

Although the instances of negligence per se in a U-turn accident in Georgia seem to indicate clearly the fault of the turning driver, it is not always easy to prove accident liability. That is why many plaintiffs enlist the help of an injury lawyer who can help with their U-turn accident case. An attorney can help gather the requisite pieces of evidence and prepare a case to help clients recover appropriate compensation for their damages.

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