Think about the regular routes you walk during a typical week. You may come across several areas that do not have sidewalks, especially along rural roads. Sidewalks are typically installed only in areas with high pedestrian traffic, so if you like to take paths less traveled, you may find yourself walking in or directly alongside the road. There is car insurance coverage for pedestrians injured by vehicles if either you or the driver carries it. 

If you are walking without sidewalks, always face traffic. Walking against traffic allows you to see oncoming hazards and gives you more time to react. Walk on the shoulder of the road unless it is dangerous; if you must walk in the road, do so to the farthest edge.

Avoid anything that takes your eyes from the road like reading a book or checking your phone. Also do not wear headphones with the music turned up, you need to be able to hear all traffic approaching you from both directions.

Follow the Rules of Road

The standard rules of pedestrian safety also apply to areas with no sidewalks. Use crosswalks or pedestrian bridges when available and try to cross as few lanes at a time as possible. Wear bright or light colored clothing and carry a flashlight and reflector if you are walking at night.

Certain people are statistically more at risk for pedestrian accidents than others, like young children and those who walk between 6 pm and 12 pm. If you or a loved one is part of either of these groups then take as many safety precautions as possible.

It's also best to walk with a friend or group of people in the event something happens to one of you. Make sure someone has a cell phone to call for help if an accident does occur. If you are walking alone, make sure someone you trust knows what route you take and let them know that you arrived safely.

An Alert Pedestrian is a Safe Pedestrian

Pedestrians can be at fault for an accident just as much as a car driver if they are not paying attention to where they are walking in relation to nearby traffic. If you are injured in any pedestrian accident regardless of fault, contact The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, P.C. to discuss your situation.

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