Who is most at risk for pedestrian accidents?

Gender, age, nationality, and location are all factors in determining who is most at risk for pedestrian accidents.

Below we review some of the key statistics from the Federal Highway Administration regarding pedestrian accidents on their website PedSafe, the Pedestrian Safety Guide and Countermeasure Selection System. Taking a look at the figures can clue us into which people are most at risk for pedestrian accidents.

Who’s most at risk for a pedestrian accidents?

Over 4,700 pedestrians are killed each year and 76,000 injured in traffic accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The following facts from PedSafe point to the groups most at risk for pedestrian accidents.

  • Males more than females. Over 70 percent of pedestrian fatality victims are male.
  • Young children and older adults. Pedestrians age 75 and older have the highest fatality rate. (This may be partly because of their compromised physical and visual capabilities, and partly because a large number take to walking when no longer able to drive.)
  • African-Americans and Latinos. Perhaps because a larger number have less access to cars and are more likely to walk than Caucasians, increasing pedestrian accident risks.
  • Pedestrian in urban areas. Approximately 67 percent of pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas.
  • Pedestrians who frequently don’t use crosswalks, such as those in congested areas or areas with fewer crosswalks. Approximately 70 percent of accidents occurred at non-intersections.
  • Pedestrian who regularly travel between 6:00 and 12:00 p.m., darkness and alcohol being common factors at those hours.

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