The Top 10 Apps Drivers Use Behind the Wheel

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It comes as no surprise to many drivers that distracted driving is at epidemic levels. A recent study by TrueMotion looked at cell phone data from 7,595 drivers and found that drivers spent 21 percent of their time using their phone. And drivers are not just talking on the phone or texting. Instead, they are playing games and even watching videos. Learn more about the apps drivers use behind the wheel and the dangers they pose.

What are the top apps drivers use behind the wheel?

Based on the actual use of more than 7,500 Android phones while driving over 4.8 million miles, TrueMotion ranked the apps most commonly used by motorists. The top ten include:

  • Google Maps
  • Pokémon Go
  • Android Messaging
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Waze
  • Amazon Music
  • Chrome
  • Pandora
  • Netflix

Why are these apps so dangerous?

Many drivers use GPS or music apps behind the wheel which pose their own dangers, but the majority of these apps distract drivers in many different ways or for long stretches of time.

Facebook, Pokémon Go, and Android Messaging can distract drivers manually, visually, and cognitively, while Netflix and YouTube encourage drivers to take their eyes off the road for long stretches of time.

Waze, a newer GPS app, shows drivers alternate routes and encourages drivers to update their routes with any accidents, detours, or backups. This adds a new level of distraction to an already potentially dangerous system.

What do current statistics tell us about distracted driving?

According to statistics from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, motorists spend more than half of their time behind the wheel focused on other tasks.

Nationwide, about 5,000 fatalities are the result of distracted driving each year. However, experts believe the numbers could be much higher, since these totals often rely on drivers self-reporting their activities just prior to a crash.

While it is illegal to text, check, or type emails, send messages on a smartphone or perform similar tasks while driving in Georgia, a Politifact Georgia review of data gathered between 2009 and 2014 shows a significant increase in distracted driving crashes.

The website looked at only crashes where distracted driving was likely to be a factor — single-car crashes into fixed objects and crashes that occur because the driver failed to maintain their lane. Over that five-year period, the review found:

  • A 64 percent increase in the number of fatal accidents
  • A 73 percent increase in the number of accident deaths
  • A 181 percent increase in the number of accident injuries

Georgia Distracted Driving Accidents

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