Do you know how to determine how old a tire is? Find out! If you don't, you could be placing your family at risk of suffering tire failure causing serious injury or death to vehicle occupants.

Tire failures resulting from detread or blowout can cause a vehicle to be uncontrollable, many times with tragic results.  A car or truck that suffers a tire failure may leave the road, roll over, or cross the centerline causing horrific injuries and death to its occupants or others on the highway.

Tire Defects

One of the most common types of tire failure is tread separation.  Tread separations are generally caused by improper design, manufacturing, tire age, or exposure to the elements or contaminants.

Writing on the Wall

The DOT serial number system is on the sidewall of every tire.  The number will tell you important information about the tire, such as where it was manufactured and how old the tire is.  Find out how to old a tire is here.

Tire Age

As a tire ages, its components dry out, the rubber deteriorates and the adhesions between the tire's parts begin to break down, frequently leading to tire separation.  This aging process occurs whether your tire is in use or in storage on a rack.  Most tires have a six year age limit.


When a tire is defective and the manufacture is aware of a safety concern, they have an obligation to alert consumers to the problem.  Unfortunately, due to a lack of an effective recall system in place, vehicle service centers are still selling and placing recalled tires on your family's automobiles.  Arm yourself with information before  allowing anyone to place tires on your car or truck.  Find out if the tire has been recalled here.

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