Catastrophic Injuries
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Catastrophic injuries are classified as injuries that strike without warning, with life-changing and lifelong ramifications. In some instances, the full effects of such injuries are not known until months, sometimes even years, after the initial injury.

Injuries That Can Be Catagorized As Catastrophic

Injuries to the spinal cord, brain, and eyes; severe burns; accidental dismemberment; and multiple fractures are a few of the more common catastrophic injuries. Some, by extension, disable other parts of the body, such as injuries to the spinal cord and brain. These injuries may render a person unable to work again, and may lead to long-term or lifelong medical care.

The most notable causes of catastrophic injuries include motor vehicle accidents, industrial and construction accidents, and falls. Sporting accidents, falling or flying objects, violence, and medical malpractice make the list, too, among others.

A person who sustains a catastrophic injury incurs physical and emotional pain, but the financial impact cannot be overlooked and adds another layer of burden to the injured individual. Initial medical care, follow-up surgeries, rehabilitation, doctor’s visits, and expensive medications may come into play long term. Tragically, lifelong, round-the-clock medical care will be required for some.

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Catastrophic injury victims may wish to pursue legal action depending on the circumstances of their injuries. An injury claim can provide for medical expenses, lost wages, and offer some measure of relief for pain and suffering—though nothing can truly replace good health. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to protect your or your family member’s rights.  At the Law Office of Jason Shultz, our attorneys are prepared to give you a free consultation about your claim today. Call us at 404-474-0804 to get help now.

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