Teen Driving Safety Website Launched by Georgia DOT

Jason R. Schultz
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The Georgia Department of Transportation has launched a website relating to teen motorist safety and accident prevention practices for teen drivers.

The website provides teen motorists information on driving laws, and offers safe driving tips. It is meant to provide busy teenagers a single portal that gives them all the driving information they need.  The launch of the website coincided with National Teen Driver Safety Week, which kicked off on October 19th, and will continue through this weekend.

National Teen Driver Safety Week was created by an act of Congress in 2007. Across Georgia, communities have been marking the week with special programs and activities for high school students. The Governor's Office of Highway Safety has announced special programs for the duration of National Teen Driver Safety Week and thereafter.

Across the country, the theme for National Teen Driver Safety Week is distractions from teen passengers in the car. Statistics show that teens driving with other passengers are more likely to be involved in a car accident, and the crash risk increasing with the number of passengers in the car.

While passengers are a huge crash risk, they are not the only ones that teen drivers face. Teen motorists face several other challenges, including low risk perception (which leads to foolish driving practices), failure to wear seat belts (higher risk of serious injuries or death), lack of experience needed to make the right driving choices, and they are generally unskilled at tuning out distractions, both inside and outside the car.

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