A motorist's failure to yield to a motorcyclist is being blamed for a fatal motorcycle accident in Newton County this week.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, the 39 year old victim was riding on his motorcycle when a vehicle suddenly made a left turn right in front of him. The motorcyclist could not avoid the car and struck the car. The victim was ejected from his Harley-Davidson and sustained fatal injuries.  According to the Georgia State Patrol, the motorcyclist had the right-of-way. The Georgia State Patrol is still investigating the accident, but the driver is likely to face charges.

Unfortunately, as a Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer, I frequently see that any time there is a serious accident between a car and a motorcycle, it is usually blamed on the motorcycle.  Motorcyclists do suffer from a bias against them.  Many times motorists complain about the speed of motorcycles.  In many of these cases, a motorcycle only seems like its speeding due to its size and shape.

The majority of motorcycle accidents occur not because of drunk driving or speeding, but because of the failure of motorists to yield right of way.

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