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Motorcycle safety in Georgia has been a source of concern for safety advocates and motorcycle accident attorneys in the state. That's why it's definitely encouraging to see state agencies making more efforts to prevent accidents, and minimize injuries from these crashes.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services has announced the receipt of a grant of $95,460 for the agency's Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program (GMSP).  The grant has been approved by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety, and is meant to be used for increasing awareness about the need for responsible sharing of the roads among motorists and motorcyclists. According to DDS, the funds will help provide "quality motorcycle training and safety awareness campaigns" to both motorcyclists and motorists in Georgia.

The Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program offers riding courses to make sure that motorcyclists don't just enjoy riding, but also safely make it home.  The DDS program includes courses on safe turning, braking, helmet use, motorcycle maintenance and other aspects of safe motorcycling.  Courses are geared at both beginner riders, as well as experienced motorcyclists. Basic courses contain modules that help new riders to grasp basic safety strategies, while more advanced riders can benefit from learning self assessment techniques and personal risk management. The DDS charges a fee of $250 for the basic course. The Experienced Course is a single day workshop and costs $100.  The  Advanced Rider course also costs $100.

These fees are a small price to pay for the kind of professional training and knowledge you will gain. Motorcycle accident fatalities now account for about 14 percent of all traffic fatalities in the country. Those are frightening numbers, and we need to focus on stronger rider training to prevent these deaths. Too many bikers are buying snazzy new bikes, and riding on the highways armed with nothing but their enthusiasm. Safety training and strict helmet use are the only two tools riders can use to protect themselves.

Jason Schultz is a Georgia motorcycle accident lawyer, helping victims injured in motorcycle crashes recover compensation for their losses.

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