Because classic car insurance may only cover classic or collectible vehicles that are in good to excellent condition, it is important to understand the rating system for classic cars. When making an insurance claim for a classic car, the condition and rating of your car may play a role in the compensation you recover. If you have more specific questions about your claim, you should contact a Jonesboro auto accident lawyer.  

Classic Car Ratings Scale 

The highest rating for a classic car is “excellent”, sometimes known as “show car”. Excellent vehicles are in the same or better condition as they were at delivery from the factory. Cars given an “excellent” rating are not driven, but transported to and from shows in trailers and stored in a safe environment in which the temperature and humidity are controlled. 

“Fine” vehicles are ratings for cars that generally look perfect but have minor flaws or wear. Still, the restoration is top-notch and any flaws are noticeable only upon close inspection by a trained eye. 

The third rating is “very good”. Very good classic cars are well-maintained and all parts are working as intended. Some minor wear and flaws may be evident when inspecting at a closer distance. 

Fourth rating is “good,” which is the last rating that will qualify to make an insurance claim for a classic car. Good classic cars are in running condition, but they may be in need of minor mechanical repairs. A “good” car will appear to need work even when viewing from a distance and may be driven. 

Finally, the last two categories are “restorable” and “parts-only cars”, which may be combined in some ratings that use a 1-5 scale. Classic cars that are restorable may or may not be running and will require considerable restoration. Parts-only cars are classic cars that are only good for using the parts to restore other vehicles. 

Speaking to an Auto Accident Attorney 

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