Insurance Specifications and Issues for Classic Cars 

The primary difference between the average passenger vehicle and a classic car is that a classic car is considered an investment. As a general rule, investments may appreciate over time. 

This status is given to recognize the value, and possible increase in value, of classic vehicles. The value may be dependent on the demand for that type, the condition, and the number of miles on the vehicle. Because of this investment status, you may wish to insure your car even if you rarely or never drive it. 

If you are driving the vehicle, though, be sure that your coverage extends to the road and not just the garage or showroom. Car insurance is required for any vehicle on the road, including classic cars. Insurance policies for classic cars may be subject to very low mileage limitations, so make sure you are aware of this and do not exceed the mileage limit. 

When purchasing insurance, make sure you understand all points of the policy. Otherwise, you may be left without coverage for certain items if it is not included. Even a Jonesboro auto insurance attorney may not be able to help you recover compensation if your policy does not specify coverage for certain damages when making an insurance claim for a classic car. 

Insurance Claim for a Classic Car 

In the event that you need to file an insurance claim for your classic car, you may benefit by speaking with a Jonesboro auto insurance attorney with the Law Offices of Jason Shultz. The type of claim you make will likely depend on the nature of the damages you have sustained. 

The claims process may be similar to those for other car insurance policies, although depending on your policy and the company from which you purchase insurance, additional features may be included. Some companies will assist you in finding hard-to-find parts for your vehicle, and companies that focus on classic car insurance may better handle unique issues, such as specialized repair and restoration services. 

Regardless, dealing with insurance companies may be a hassle in some cases. Seeking assistance from a Jonesboro auto insurance attorney may be helpful if you are dealing with serious injuries, extensive damages, or simply have difficulty recovering compensation for damages. 

At the Law Office of Jason Shultz, our attorneys are prepared to give you a free consultation about your claim today. Call us at 404-474-0804 to speak with a Jonesboro auto insurance accident attorney about your insurance claim for a classic car.

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