Red light camera systems have been a source of great controversy in Atlanta, and some of these cameras have already been taken down.  However, a new study by the Texas Transportation Institute shows that when red light camera systems are removed, there is an increase in the number of violations and accidents.

The Texas Transportation Institute's study focused on a small city.  The researchers analyzed accident statistics periods of time before the red light cameras were installed and after they were removed. The researchers found that after cameras were installed, violations dropped dramatically to 1,738 from 2,445.  However, when the city removed the red light cameras, the violations increased to beyond pre-camera levels, to 4,755.  There have been other studies in the past that indicated a drop in red light violations when drivers knew that there was a camera watching them.

Red light violations are some of the most serious traffic safety violations because these frequently involve high speed "T-bone" accidents, which result in serious injuries and fatalities.  Occupants have little protection in a side impact crash, even if the car is equipped side-impact airbags.

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