An 18-year-old motorist was killed over the weekend in a car accident in Gwinnett County. According to AJC, the victim lost control of his Volvo as he was negotiating a curve. The car hit a drainage culvert, and flipped over several times. The victim was apparently not wearing a seat belt, and was ejected from the vehicle. There were two passengers in his car, both 17 years old. They have sustained injuries, and are currently being treated at a Gwinnett County hospital.

Auto accidents are the No.1 contributing factor in the deaths of persons aged between 16 and 19. Teen motorists are some of the most high risk groups on our streets. The risks come from a combination of several potent factors -age, lack of experience, recklessness, the lure of risk and danger, and peer pressure.

  • Teen motorists have been behind the wheel for fewer numbers of years, and have little experience driving in the real world.
  • The lack of experience is made worse by a love of danger and the willingness to take risks. That's why you see so many accidents involving teens who are speeding or street racing.
  • These motorists also suffer from more distractions behind the wheel. These include cell phones, billboards and highway distractions, as well as teenage passengers. In fact, studies indicate that the risk of an accident for a teen motorist increases with the number of passengers he has in his car.
  • Besides, teens have low rates of seat belt usage when compared to the rest of the population, and this increases their risk of serious injuries or death in an accident.

While transportation and traffic safety authorities in Georgia have been making efforts to increase safety awareness among teen motorists, they still have a long way to go.

Jason Schultz is an Atlanta car accident lawyer helping injured victims of auto accidents recover compensation for their injuries.
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