According to the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey (NMVCCS), approximately 12 percent of crashes involving inexperienced drivers result from tire-related issues. Most drivers pay little attention to their tires until there is a critical issue. Unfortunately, this means inexperienced drivers are unaware of the dangers of tread separation, bald tires, and underinflated tires. Georgia has joined forces with the Michelin tire company's 50 by 2020 campaign to bring tire safety education to new drivers in our state.

Michelins Campaign to Bring Tire Education to All 50 States

Michelin created the 50 by 2020 campaign to help states develop and implement tire safety information into their driver's education programs. While most states' driver's ed curriculum discusses practical knowledge such as checking headlights and brake safety, few states teach drivers about the importance of tire inspection and care.

When Michelin reached out to the State of Georgia, state officials agreed that tire safety is an important skill for all drivers to know, and agreed to adopt the curriculum into their programs.

Bringing Important Tire Safety Information to New Drivers

Michelin surveyed 1,001 teen drivers and parents of teen drivers, asking them about their tire safety knowledge. Only 48 percent of the teens checked their tires on a monthly basis, while 27 have never checked their tires. The sample's tire knowledge was not promising:

  • 55 percent did not know the proper level of tire inflation for their vehicle
  • 44 percent did not know how to check tire tread wear
  • 32 percent did not know how to check tire pressure

Tire pressure and tire tread health are the two biggest focal points for Michelin to get included in state driver's ed curriculum. In the NMVCCS, 9.6 percent of all crashes involving tire issues included tires that were underinflated by 25 PSI or more. When compared to only 3.4 percent of tire-related crashes that had properly inflated tires, it is obvious that tire inflation is a serious safety concern.

Tire tread depth is an important factor in gripping the road and being able to stop quickly. The NMVCCS found 26.2 percent of the tire-related crashes included tires with a tread depth of 2/32 of an inch or less, a critical level that requires immediate replacement.

Georgia's Plan to Improve Tire Safety Knowledge

Georgia has the tenth highest number of licensed drivers in America, according to Michelin. Georgia's 2016 Driver's Handbook already includes written instructions for checking tire pressure and tread depth, but Michelin hopes to take the instructions a step further.

The tire manufacturer is calling for hands-on instruction for checking tire pressure and tread depth. Michelin is also asking officials to consider adding in-depth questions regarding how to check tire safety on written driver’s tests.

Safe driving begins with a safe vehicle. Teaching teens to check and maintain their vehicles is the first step in raising a safe and responsible driver. The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz, P.C. stands by the parents of safe teen drivers and the teens who make a conscious effort to drive safely.

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