Let’s cut to the chase. In an accident claim, you are never required to give a recorded statement to the other guy’s insurance adjuster. And we strongly recommend that you  ever give one. Nothing good can come of it… for you, at least.

Oftentimes, the other guy’s insurance carrier will try to convince you that he/she is your friend, that they would like your version of events for the record, and that they just need your medical information to achieve a fair settlement. 

No matter how friendly and engaging they may be, they’re not your friend. They’re not monsters, but they’re not looking out for your best interests either—just their own.

For one thing, most of us are not prepared for the stress of a recorded statement. We tense up. We say things that don’t come out right. We overlook key information or don’t have all the information we need. And once you have subjected yourself to a recorded statement, you are powerless to modify or expand upon anything you said. Any  misstatement or incomplete version of events is now permanently in the record. If you stray from it later on in the process, it looks like you’re changing your story to suit your circumstances.

A request for a recorded statement will most often be made within a few days of the accident. You don’t have a full understanding of your injuries at that point. Many injuries manifest themselves only after several weeks or more, well past the time of your recorded statement.

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