Georgia DUI Accident Lawyer - Georgia Sees Fewer Christmas Weekend Accident Deaths than Predicted

I was very encouraged late last year to note fewer auto accident fatalities over the Thanksgiving holiday, compared to figures projected by the Georgia State Patrol. I had also blogged about the possible reasons for this dip in fatalities. There were fewer fatalities despite the increase in holiday travelers compared to last year.

As it turns out, the dip in Thanksgiving accident deaths was not a fluke. The Georgia State Patrol is reporting that the number of deaths in auto accidents across Georgia over the Christmas holiday weekend was much lower than expected. While Georgia State Patrol predicted that there would be 18 deaths in auto accidents over the weekend, only 12 deaths were reported.  The Georgia State Patrol also missed its predictions for injuries. It had predicted 976 injuries during the 78-hour holiday period, but there were only 503 injuries. This year's fatality toll is also much lower than the number of fatalities last year during the same period of time. In 2008, there were 24 fatalities during the Christmas holiday.  According to Georgia State Patrol, 4 of the fatalities in 2009 occurred in accidents in metro Atlanta.

As a Georgia Wrongful Death Lawyer, I am sure this was one prediction that the Georgia State Patrol was glad to be wrong.  New Year's may be a different story.  The holiday period runs from 6pm on Thursday through midnight on Sunday. New Year's Eve tends to be one of the deadliest days of the year on Georgia roads. The alcohol flows more than any other holiday on the calendar.  Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident Lawyers will have a few basic tips for revelers this New Year's.

  • Plan to have a designated driver drive you home, or hire a taxi.
  • Never get behind the wheel after drinking.
  • Drive at slow speeds.
  • Buckle up, and make sure that everyone in your car is wearing seat belts too.
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