Put your phone away while driving.

The closer the phone is, the more likely it is to distract you if you receive a call or text. Sadly, it only takes one second for an irreversible accident to happen. Think about hiding your phone in a place like your glove box so that it is accessible in an emergency but not while you are driving.

Download an app.

There are mobile apps, such as SAFECELL or AT&T DriveMode, which track your kid’s phone or send auto replies to texts or calls to let the sender know that you are driving.

Manage other distractions as well.

Cell phones are not the only cause of distracted driving. Drivers "multi-tasking" while behind the wheel may find themselves facing distractions such as the radio, other passengers, food or drinks, putting on make-up, or using the mirror to check their appearance. Just as you can wait to answer a text or call, you can wait until you have stopped the vehicle to take a sip of soda or turn up your favorite song.

In order to reduce the incidence of distracted driving and improve everyone's safety, we all need to take steps to make changes for the better. However, we cannot stop every single accident while we wait for others to get their act together, but we can hold people who drive distracted accountable.

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