A woman who was seriously injured in a pedestrian accident involving a hit and run driver in Atlanta, is making an emotional appeal for more information that can lead to the arrest of the motorist responsible.

The accident occurred on January 31st. Lashonia Jones was hit by a car on Ponce De Leon Avenue in Atlanta at around 9:30pm. Jones remembers little of the actual impact. She was thrown several feet away, and only realized something was wrong when she came to, and saw her daughter screaming. She has suffered a hip injury, and is currently undergoing rehabilitation therapy to be able to walk again.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Police Department is continuing its search for the motorist. He or she didn't wait around to offer Jones any help, but sped right off. Jones believes that the motorist must have known she had been hit, because he/she ran a red light soon after the collision. 

As an accident lawyer in Atlanta, I see this kind of thing often. Motorists or bicyclists are hit by speeding drivers, who then drive right off. As some of the most vulnerable people on our roads, pedestrians deserve better protections.  Motorists must yield to them at crosswalks and must look out for them when they are driving at night. This particular accident occurred at night when visibility was likely poor.

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