A school bus accident on Georgia Highway 113 killed one student, and injured at least 10 others.  The accident occurred on Monday between Temple and Carrollton.  According to the Georgia Department of Public Safety, the bus driver lost control of his vehicle, and drove it into a ditch.  He tried to reenter the roadway, overcorrected and the bus flipped over.  One of the students was partially ejected, and was crushed by the bus.  The victim was a 17-year-old football player and aspiring graphic designer.

Construction workers who were working near the accident scene, rushed to the site, and found total chaos.  Many of the students inside the overturned bus were piled on top of each other.  The bus was taking a group of 40 students from the Temple High School to a vocational school. 

Investigation into the bus accident continues.  Inspectors will be looking at footage from a video camera installed inside the bus.  The driver of the bus was apparently a trainee driver along with her trainer.

Early this year, the Department of Transportation proposed new seat belt rules for buses.  The proposed rules will require seat belts on intercity buses and charter buses.  However, school buses will be left out of the rule.  According to the feds, school bus accidents are rare.

As any Atlanta bus accident lawyer would agree, these accidents may be rare, but their consequences can be devastating.  It is highly probable that the victim, who died in this accident, could have been safely restrained in his seat if he had been wearing a seat belt.  Instead, he was partially ejected and crushed under the massive bus.  It is also very likely that many of the serious injuries that occurred in this accident would not have been as severe if the students had the protection of seat belts.

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