Making U-turns is among the most complex maneuvers that motorists must execute at some point in their driving career. Georgia U-turn laws prohibit making these turns when it is unsafe to do so, as well as around curves and near the crest of a hill.

Basic Stipulations

Apart from abiding by the laws, motorists should keep in mind the following pointers to ensure that they always make safe U-turns to avoid a car accident:

  • There must be sufficient time to make and complete the U-turn. There must be enough time to allow the driver slow down, make the turn, join the traffic flow and accelerate to the pace of oncoming traffic.
  • Drivers should be aware of others making right turns. Regardless of whether a yield sign or green arrow is present, drivers making U-turns should be aware of vehicles making right turns. Simple awareness of these drivers could help avoid crossing paths and causing an accident.
  • The act of turning must always be preceded by a proper signal. Last but not least, motorists always must signal in advance or use the right gestures to indicate that he or she is about to make a U-turn. This should be the practice irrespective of whether there is traffic behind.

Georgia drivers unfortunately don't always heed these three tips to make a safe U-turn. U-turn accident victims may file for personal injury damages, with which a personal injury attorney can assist.

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