When I first was involved in my accident, I began doing quite a bit of research concerning auto injury laws and litigation. This helped me immensely in being prepared from the beginning to ensure my case was well documented. When I went to search for a lawyer, I also did quite a bit of research and interviewed a number of Lawyers. I found Jason Schultz to be the best of them all and he was very personable and professional.

Jason handled my case extremely well and kept me informed along the way! I had to do a little prodding with his staff but once they got on board all my questions and phone calls were responded to in a timely manner. When it finally came time to negotiating with the other insurance company, he kept me abreast of his strategy and we received a great settlement, more than I was expecting considering my previous dealings with the insurance company early on.

I would highly recommend Jason Schultz to anyone who needs help in a personal injury situation.

Chris Rivera
Peachtree City, Georgia