When I really was forced to decide and look into legal representation, I searched quite some time and ran across something and dug deeper into it. The first thing that I noticed and liked about Jason Schultz’s law firm was that there were no images of his face plastered on the sides of buses, billboards, or taxis. The most refreshing thing was that you didn’t see him SCREAMING on TV commercials. I often follow and practice, “Don’t raise your voice, just strengthen your argument”. Jason Schultz seemed to exhibit what I always followed.

He made me feel very comfortable, wanted to know about me and my family, which was a breath of fresh air, because not many people of his stature take the time to instantly inject themselves into that aspect of your life. This showed me that he and his firm care about family, and the importance of your responsibility to them. What put me over the top was soon unfolding in front of my eyes. He not only was professional, but took a caring approach to me even though I wasn’t a client yet. Lastly, the carefree no pressure environment. He didn’t try too hard to sell me or make it seem like he was forcing me to decide on going with his firm. Facing something so tough as surgery, you want someone in your corner that could run your affairs and take care of all of the non medical and business aspects of the accident. My time needed to be spent preparing my mind and body. I 100 percent totally felt confident in choosing Jason Schultz. After my surgery Jason called many times to check on me. He provided me constant contact on important affairs, communications of the case, detail timely adherence and most of all provided me satisfaction and a peace of mind this made my healing process much smoother, because I didn’t have to worry about the case. Jason left no stone unturned. He appeared as though he performed legal surgery for me, which is why we can compare him to the “stealth fighter plane”. He’s quiet, fast, fully armed, goes in gets the job done and gets you out. He’s truly someone you want representing you.

Robert Lewis
Atlanta, Georgia