Thanks for a masterful job! I truly appreciate the fine work you did in representing me & settling my AA claim against Progressive Insurance. I'm more than pleased with the quality of your work & the outcome, winning the policy limits & diverting a trial. Your well-trained staff saw to it that my questions/concerns were answered promptly along the way. Jason, you did it with patience & good humor - qualities that kept me encouraged throughout the lengthy process that's typical of the insurance companies. That kind of settlement doesn't happen by accident, but was a product of your good staff led by an excellent attorney! I appreciate your dedication & long hours you put in for success on what is considered a "small" case with minimum policy limits. I'm so grateful for your willingness to represent the "little fishes", as well as the million dollar cases. I'm confident anyone would find your representation to their liking! I know I will refer family & friends to you.

Darlene Love
Norcross, Georgia