From the first time I spoke with Jason (Oct. 2007) all the way up to today (case ending), he has been persistent and curtious.... even when I was not the ideal client. He even came to my house at one point, just to accomodate my schedule. I hired Jason last year to represent my 3 young daughters after their involvment in a bad car wreck. Jason was very persistent and organized. He refused to accept the "run around" from ANYONE!I trust him %100. He informed me about EVERYTHING, even if I did'nt ask. Jason is very easy to contact. On the rare occasion that I had to leave him a message, he returned my call within minutes. As far as the case goes, I am more than pleased. He got my daughters WAY more than I ever thought possible. He even set their money up to gain interest in specialized accounts. He handled everything with genuine care and concern. I would consider Jason a friend more than my attorney. Jason Schultz is absolutely THE BEST there is!!!

Michelle Buckman
Atlanta, Georgia