When an Unlicensed/Learning Driver Is Injured in an Accident as a Result of Someone Else’s Negligence 

In most of these scenarios, it’s the parent's vehicle that is being driven. So if someone else was at fault for the accident, the unlicensed driver would be covered by his/her parent’s policy. However, a claim first would be filed with the at-fault driver.

There are circumstances in which the parents may need to turn to their own insurance policy, even when another driver was at fault. An example would be when the negligent driver doesn’t have insurance. If the parents purchased an optional type of coverage -- uninsured motorist coverage -- this could help cover damages. Or if the damages exceed the at-fault driver’s policy limits, the remainder might be covered by underinsured motorist coverage, an optional type of insurance that some motorists purchase.

Seeking Legal Advice When an Accident Involves an Unlicensed/Learning Driver 

There can be complex issues that arise in underage driving accidents, especially in Atlanta. It’s usually a good idea to talk with an attorney, especially if accident injuries were serious. The Law Office of Jason R. Schultz can help pinpoint liability. Call (404) 474-0804 right after you call your insurance company. Find out why in our free eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in Georgia.

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