Taking accident scene pictures is an important part of the evidence collection and claim-or case-building process after a car accident. If the accident takes place because of another person, the victim or his or her family members are entitled to compensation, but only after proving the fault of the other party.

Photographs are one of the most effective means of establishing the circumstances that led to the accident and can help an Atlanta personal injury lawyer establish liability for injuries and other damages.

Start clicking photographs after the car accident only if feeling physically capable of the task. Otherwise ask a friend to do so or snap photos of the vehicle and/or scene when capable of doing so. If without a camera phone, it is prudent to buy a disposable one and keep it in the glove compartment. The tips below can help take more effective pictures at the scene of the car accident.

Take Pictures of the Vehicle from a Variety of Angles

Make sure to photograph the damage to the vehicle from close quarters and from a distance. Take photographs from all angles and ensure to photograph inside the car as well. Any property damage to items inside the car, such as cell phones, can also be photographed.

These photographs can help establish the extent of the vehicle damages, and can also help present a clearer picture of what happened to cause the accident. While photographing the car, make sure to also take pictures of the damages that other vehicle(s) involved in the accident may have sustained.

Take Accident Scene Pictures of the Whole Accident Site

Detailed photographs of a car accident site, especially those taken right after the incident, can effectively depict the various elements of the site or the actions of the drivers involved in the accident that may have contributed to the mishap.

For instance, take photographs of the position of the vehicles involved in the accident. Also photograph the location of the accident from different angles like all intersections of the road to indicate the flow of traffic.

When taking accident scene pictures, snap pictures that may indicate the weather conditions at the time of the incident. Take photos of the road, especially if it is in a condition that is not conducive to driving, and of course, of elements that may have directly caused the accident like potholes, a malfunctioning traffic light, and tree branches that may have obscured or impaired visibility.

Getting a copy of the police report can prove priceless as well. A preliminary assessment of fault by an officer can include observations on who violated a state code or whose carelessness may have caused the accident.

If possible, in addition to taking accident scene pictures, take photographs of the injuries sustained because of the car accident right after the incident. A report by the physician will serve to corroborate the photographs and together these pieces of evidence can establish the severity of the accident.

Obtaining Legal Counsel from an Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer after a Car Accident

Taking accident scene pictures is only the first step of the mission to obtain the compensation deserved. Next comes careful photograph analysis in order to build a convincing case. This can be a challenging task considering that insurance agents are notorious for finding loopholes in the claimant’s arguments. That is why many car accident victims prefer to seek the services of an Atlanta personal injury lawyer.

An Atlanta personal injury lawyer specializing in car accidents is the ideal professional to go over the specific details of the case and if accident scene pictures or photographs of vehicle damage or injuries are available, an attorney can analyze them to put together car accident claim.