Overview of Georgia Premises Liability for a Slip and Fall (Part B)

Georgia Premises Liability – Types of Cases That May Be Pursued

A slip and fall in Georgia can involve all types of properties such as residential homes, shopping centers, amusement parks, public facilities and more. They can also involve not only slips and falls, but also tripping or injuries from equipment such as elevators or escalators.

Most people associate a slip and fall with cases involving a wet floor. However, falling objects, water hazards and electrocution could also lead to injuries in Villa Rica. A slip and fall lawyer can determine if your situation warrants the pursuit of a claim.

Here are some other types of cases that may lead an individual to pursue a Georgia premises liability claim: 

  • broken steps;
  • inadequate lighting;
  • cracked pavement;
  • slippery surfaces;
  • snow/ice accumulation;
  • torn carpeting; and
  • obstructions. 

There are many other circumstances that could lead to compensation if you were seriously injured by a property owner’s negligence.

Proving Fault in a Georgia Premises Liability Claim

Your lawyer will need evidence that demonstrates liability of a property owner. This will depend on the particular circumstances of your case but may include maintenance records, surveillance from a video, inspection reports or photographs of the hazardous conditions.

Proving fault is not always easy in this type of case. So an attorney not only will rely upon your testimony, but also statements from any witnesses. An attorney may even call upon a medical expert who can verify the extent of your injuries.

Because there is a statute of limitations on a Georgia premises liability case, it would be in your best interest to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer can explain how much time you have to file your claim and what you can expect to happen during the claims process.

Injured in Villa Rica? Call a Slip and Fall Lawyer

As the victim of a slip and fall in Georgia, you have rights that the insurance companies cannot ignore. While they have a team of lawyers working on their side, shouldn’t you have experienced legal representation fighting for your best interests? Before accepting any settlement offer, contact the Law Offices of Jason Schultz to schedule a FREE consultation on your case – 1-404-474-0804.