Where does the injury occur?

A SLAP tear occurs at the point where the tendon of the biceps muscle inserts on the labrum.

How can an auto accident lead to a SLAP tear?

Unfortunately, the impact of any auto accident must be absorbed, in part, by your body. If you are aware that you are about to be in a wreck, your immediate reaction might be to tense up and brace your hands against the steering wheel. Unfortunately, this often leads to severe injury. Because your shoulder is now in a non-relaxed state, it absorbs a large amount of force upon impact. A SLAP tear is the possible result from this type of collision.

What treatment is available for a SLAP tear?

A large number of people with SLAP tears may require arthroscopic surgery. Because there is very little blood flow to this area of your shoulder, traditional means of healing can be difficult to achieve. However, some people may respond to a more traditional, non-evasive form of treatment. Non-surgical forms of treatment may include:

• non-prescription and prescription strength pain relievers
• cortisone injections
• supervised physical therapy
• period of rest and inactivity to allow inflammation to subside

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