You can treat this type of road rash at your home by cleaning and sterilizing the injury well. Given some time and minor treatment, the injury will heal on its own.

Second-degree Road Rash

Second-degree road rash is more serious. These burns penetrate the skin but will likely not affect the deeper layers of skin.


These injuries are painful to the touch and require you to seek medical attention before they can heal. If you experience second-degree road rash, keeping your wounds clean and seeing a doctor should be your primary concerns.

It is not uncommon for scarring to occur as the result of second-degree road rash.

Third-degree Road Rash

Third degree road rash is the most severe stage of road rash you can experience.

Because the skin may flay off completely, you may see exposed muscles, tendons, bones, or nerves. The area may also appear shiny.

Note: Do not judge a road rash by the degree of pain. Because nerve damage in a third-degree road rash is common, you may feel intense pain or none at all.


If you believe you have a third-degree road rash injury, seek medical attention immediately. It is also vital that you do not attempt to touch the abrasions or you may face a severe infection on top of your injuries.

With this type of injury, scarring and even permanent deformities are common for victims.

How might road rash affect my life?

Aside from the severe pain or scarring you can experience from a case of road rash, you may face a number of other hardships or costs.

Medical Treatment

A case of second or third degree road rash will require medical treatment. That can lead to costly medical treatment and hospital expenses.

Lost Wages

Recovery time for cases of road rash can take up to a few weeks, or even months. During this time, you may be unable to work. The lost time can cost you important wages you need to provide for yourself or your family. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may also need to take a demotion or change your career entirely.

Social Discomfort

The physical pain you may suffer from road rash is obvious. But, the emotional pain may be just as severe. Victims who have visible scars or deformities may be uncomfortable with their appearance and feel strong insecurity in social settings.

The effects of road rash vary from person to person, but one thing is always constant: If you are the victim of an accident that causes you to suffer any form of road rash, or other injury, you may be entitled to a hefty compensation.

How To Receive Compensation For Your Losses

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