Medical malpractice claims and lawsuits take a substantial amount of time and energy, knowledge of laws and legal processes, shrewdness, and fortitude. Most laypersons simply do not have the education, background, or skill sets necessary to fight against the attorneys or insurers, particularly when they are recuperating from their injuries/illnesses.

Reasons to Hire a Medical Malpractice Attorney

The right medical malpractice attorney can be a priceless asset to your case. An experienced, motivated attorney can provide you with valuable advice and ensure your case is handled in alignment with the law. When you have a legal advisor that you trust handling your case, you will be able to rest easier knowing you are doing everything possible to win your case. You can focus on healing and moving on with life, rather than trying to prove medical negligence.

Below are just a few of the important tasks that a lawyer can do for you and reasons why you’ll want to retain a lawyer before taking any legal action for malpractice-related injuries.

  • A lawyer will ensure your case has all the legal elements necessary to win your claim (duty of care, proof of a relationship).
  •  An attorney can investigate your situation, determine liability, and then explain all of your legal options to you in a clear-cut, unbiased manner.
  • A medical malpractice lawyer can consult with medical field experts and gather admissible evidence that supports your case.
  • A medical malpractice attorney can ensure you meet appropriate filing deadlines and compile ample evidence to support your claim.
  • An Atlanta lawyer can accurately calculate the value of your claim and ensure all of your damages are addressed.
  • A med mal lawyer can advise you on how to avoid hurting your chances for a successful claim, and steps you can take to increase the likelihood of obtaining a settlement.
  • A med mal attorney can negotiate with the insurers and let you know if/when the insurer is trying to give you an unfair settlement offer.
  •  A Georgia medical accident lawyer can help you fill out claim paperwork and draft the necessary court documents and file them accordingly.
  • A personal injury lawyer can keep you informed about the status of your case so that you are never left in the dark.

And, perhaps the most significant benefit of hiring an attorney to assist you with your medical malpractice claim is that a lawyer can secure a far larger settlement than you could on your own.

Cases represented by attorneys almost always fare better than pro se cases (claimants who try to handle the situation on their own). A good lawyer will be very thorough and convincing, and will know how to maximize victims’ settlements.

Can you afford to hire an attorney?

Many people who’ve been harmed by medical mistakes don’t take action because they worry they won’t have the funds to retain a lawyer. We understand victims’ situations, and that’s why we offer our services on a contingency basis. A contingency payment basis means that if we take on your case, we will not charge you a dime until we’ve helped you secure a settlement.

If we don’t win your case, we don’t get paid. You can see how this puts a fire under our feet to fight determinedly for your success.

So, knowing that that a medical malpractice lawyer will exponentially increase the likelihood of getting a settlement and knowing that you can retain a lawyer with no upfront costs and no risks, the question isn’t can you afford to hire a lawyer. The question is, “Can you afford not to?”

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