How can I protect my personal injury claim when I have a pre-existing injury?

One of the ways that an injury claim can be protected is by not exaggerating injuries. If the person’s head hurts because it hit the dashboard, don’t try to bring a previous back injury into the claim.

Another way to protect a claim is by disclosing from the very start that there is a pre-existing condition. When someone appears to be hiding an injury or medical condition, it doesn’t look good.

However, if it is true that a pre-existing injury has been made worse because of the accident, this should be disclosed. It is possible to recover damages for prior injuries or conditions that are aggravated by an accident.

Since these types of cases can sometimes become very complicated, it may also be a good idea to seek legal counsel.

Should I hire an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to negotiate my personal injury claim?

Although the negotiation process can be difficult and stressful, it can become even more complicated when there are pre-existing conditions. The insurance company will use medical records to make its argument, but it’s important to remain calm and stick to the facts.

It’s important that a claim is never settled too quickly or for less than what may be deserved. Before accepting a settlement, claimants should consult their attorney. An Atlanta personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Jason R. Schultz can help victims handle a claim involving a pre-existing injury and ensure that a claimant’s rights are protected throughout the personal injury claim process. Call 404-474-0804 to discuss your personal injury claim.

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